Noise (Ch.2)

Naming something can be so profoundly powerful. It gives you perspective, a different point of view or simply something to put your finger on. “Noise” is the aptly named subconscious thoughts my brain produces and in typical superhero fashion, is the villain of my story. Your brain is arguably the most important organ in your […]

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An Introduction, Huh (Ch.1)

Its amazing the ideas that flow around in your head, what’s capable and what’s not. The idea of writing a book had been such a foreign idea to me, yet here I am typing word after word in a hope that you, the reader, will get some sense of enjoyment out of the black inked […]

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To My Wife, On Your Birthday

The last few years have flown by in such an incredible way. I can still remember the first time I saw you back in the CBA branch at Woden. It’s funny, I should have known there and then that you would have a profound affect on my life and that the years to come would […]

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