The Wonders of Fatherhood

I can still remember to the second, the moment my wife told me we were having a baby.

A feeling of euphoria swept over me as I imagined a life time together, with the little jellybean that was growing inside my wife. It was also at this moment that a tiny speck of uncertainty swept over me as I realised the immense changes that had to be made to ensure we were prepared for this bundle of joy.

As many parents will tell you, preparing for a child is not a simple task. Your brain starts to wonder… do we have enough room in the house? what about baby furniture? can we afford to buy that very expensive looking pram?. The thoughts keep rolling and rolling.

Eventually nine months pass and whether you are ready or not, it happens. The water breaks, you rush to the hospital and everything just fades away while you embark on an amazing journey culminating in the birth of your own flesh and blood.

Its hard to put into words the emotions you experience when you hold your baby for the first time. Its like they fill a hole in your heart that you never knew you had, and in this moment, you realise that anything is possible.

As a father I cherish every single second that I get to spend with my son. I’m still amazed at how much he is able to teach me and that I can teach him. Children have an amazing ability to see the very best of the world, something that we adults have often forgotton how to do.

A man once told me the following analogy that I would like to share with you now. When children are young they are akin to dogs. They are loyal, loving and trusting. They will do anything to just spend more time with you.

As they grow older and start to become their own person, they transition to a cat. Fiercly independant, happy with their own company and have no qualms at all staying in their rooms or heading out by themselves.

If you are not prepared to spend the time and grow a relationship with your kids while they are a dog, you will find that when they do pass puberty and become a young adult, the relationship you yearn for or thought about building later will be out of reach forever.

Don’t settle for tomorrow, live for today!


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