The Early Years (Ch.4)

Let’s relive some memories of mine from when I was just a young boy. Forgive me for skipping some years, I think we can all agree, that recalling memories before our sixth or seventh birthday can be extremely difficult. Im sure these years held some amazing memories for me as a child.

Such as the time I learnt to ride a bike, my first downhill injury, or the actual inception of what I wanted to be when I grew up. However its all just a blur now, and I’m safe to assume the childhood dreams, the profession id be practicing and the people id be hanging out with are a long, distant, unfulfilled memory.

Why is it, that when you’re a child, you’re imagination is all that you need to be happy and content? You imagine what your life is going to be like and at that tender young age, everything just feels like it will fall into place. I suppose its this point in time that the “noise” was born into my life.

I had an understanding of who I was and what I wanted to be. Observation was my best friend. It allowed me to change my behaviour to meet that of the situation i was currently in. I consider this to be one of my most treasured abilities, but its not been without its let downs.

You see when you learn to observe and change the way you see things or how you react to a certain event, you start to become a person of “faces”.

The ability to change these “faces” at the drop of a hat, reduces the so called tension in a variety of situations, especially those that deal with interpersonal relationships. I was always considered older than my age and I likely attribute this fact to my ability to change my “face”. I could hold my own whether the conversation was trivial, in depth or philosophical. This allowed me to absorb a great deal of wisdom and advice from a many number of people.

What was the return on investment for me? These teachings would eventually come to form the basis of my persona and how the world would see me, in all its glory.


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